Point One Studio

Woodend House, Victoria, Australia

Our scope of works for Studio Osk was to document design concept & development by using BIM (Building Information Modeling) program. Read more...


Artist Mr. Junghwo Park presents his collection of building illustrations at .1 Studio Read more...

CVIC, Jebudo, Korea

Such environments are information-rich, afford cognitive information processing, and thus allow its various inhabitants to navigate and home in on their respective vital resources. Read more...


Our scope of works for ID/LAB was to provide 3d revit components of their signage design. Read more...

BRE BIM AP Examination

Congratulations!   Principal Junghwo Park has passed the BIM AP examination in 8th of July, 2014.   Welcome to BIM AP   Welcome to your first year of BIM AP membership. Many thanks for returning your completed code of conduct and booking form. You ar


Our Revit learning class is a small group consists of 5 peoples, and Park has really help us to learn the program, so that straight after we finish the class, we are already able to understand the basic about Revit. The skills in teaching and communicate with us has shown Park's ability to work in a group and together with his great sense of responsibility, he has gained a lot of respect from us.   "우리의 REVIT 수업은 5명의 학생으로 이루어진 소규모의 그룹 수업이었습니다. 박정후 대표는 소프트웨어를 배우는데 있어 저희들을 최대한 도와주었고, 수업을 마친 뒤 모두가 REVIT에 대해서 이해를 할 수 있었습니다. 그는 책임감 있으며 수업시간에 그룹의 학생을 가르치는데 효율적으로 진행했습니다. 끝으로, 그는 저희들로부터 많은 존경을 얻었습니다."

Kenneth Yeremia (University Student)